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"Seattle Driveway & Patio were great.  I was lucky to find them right off the bat because I had decided to replace my cracked grey concrete driveway with pavers to work with the style of my house and the colors in my landscape.  They suggested replacing my front patio with the same pavers and the overall look is streamlined and beautiful.  They worked during a very rainy period before Christmas 2017.  The first day the skies poured and the puddles were large but they kept breaking up and removing the old concrete.  The crew was very considerate and hard working, the product is very beautiful and they finished the job without any delay.  What more can you ask for?"
Nancy P., Seattle WA

"We love our new patio!  The quality is top-notch. It looks like the type of patio you would see in a mansion! We aren't rich, so we feel lucky to be able to have such nice workmanship for a price we could afford. You are the best!! Thanks Walter (son & crew) for helping us have our patio dreams come true."
Cynthia M., Kent WA

"Teresa & Walter helped us turn our tiny Capitol Hill yard into a beautiful and much roomier hardscape. Walter and his crew worked with us to help overcome a several technical challenges with the space. The end result is a hardscape that we are happy with, and has already generated several compliments. Walter and crew are hard-working, courteous, and do good work. Recommended!"
Craig C., Seattle WA

"We had a water permeable driveway installed because we had been having flooding with the concrete and drain combination. The team came out quickly and laid out a design that included a small patio connected as well. It looks beautiful and is incredibly functional. When they told us we could dump 5 gallons of water on it and it would go straight through we thought it must be an exaggeration. After the driveway was complete we tested it and the water went straight through--incredible! We've been able to remove some of the excess drains and now have a beautiful backdrop for our new landscaping."
Malora P., Seattle WA

"If I could give Walter and his crew 6 stars, I would. On price - They came in just a little bit under the other 3 guys we looked into through Angieslist and a friend's referral. On design - it looks BETTER than we imagined. On professionalism - they beat their estimated time frame by 3 days, even after unexpectedly adding some beautiful finishing touches. Other intangibles - they were very kind and patient with our toddler and infant, willing to patronize my toddler's ridiculous questions and turn off their music for my infant's naps. We've had a number of contractors come through our house to work on various projects and this is by far the most positive experience we've had so far."
Allan A., Seattle WA

"We are pleased to provide Seattle Driveway and Patio a positive review.  Walter quickly responded to my initial request for a quote, helped us think about viable and creative options, and ultimately decide on a design plan and suitable materials at a competitive price.  His crew was friendly, punctual, and extremely hard-working.  They started our project just a few days after my initial inquiry, and were completely finished in 5 days, after initially estimating 5-10 days for the job.  We couldn't believe the amount of work they'd get done in a day.  The work transformed our house.  We purchased a complete paver driveway replacement of our original 1940's driveway (that looked terrible), patio and retaining wall replacement, the addition of a paver walkway with steps, and a few other landscaping features.  Walter said he'd create something beautiful, and SD&P delivered.  Highly recommended."
Dave S., Seattle WA

"A year and a half later we experienced an issue with the work that was originally preformed but a simple call to them and they came right over and put the driveway back to new with no questions asked. Nice to work with a company that takes pride in their work!"
Jason S., Seattle WA

"We used Seattle Driveway & Patio for work on our driveway and are happy with the quality of the workmanship and customer service during work on the project. Walter and Teresa were prompt in their responses when we reached out for a quote (I think we got lucky with their availability). While they were not the lowest cost option, they were sensitive to our budget constraints. It was great to see Walter's passion for the quality of work. They spent time explaining the causes for the settling on our driveway and I felt like they did the 'ground' work necessary in the initial phase of work to ensure we didn't repeat our past experience. They were flexible as we changed around a few things (choice of pavers), completed the work ahead of schedule and we love the look of our new driveway!"
Pavan D., Samammish WA

"When we decided to get our driveway done we looked into several methods (concrete, stamped concrete & pavers)  After some research, our hearts were set on getting pavers if we could find a contractor with lots of experience & that was affordable.  That proved to be quite a challenge.  Several contractors would give us quotes but could not gives us referrals & addresses where we could go see their work.  The ones that did, were either very expensive or the jobs that we went to look at were not to our liking.  When we finally found Seattle Driveway & Patio we were very impressed.  This is a family run business that specialize in installing pavers.  Teresa & Walter are a very nice couple.  She takes care of the administration & he takes care of the crew.  Right away we could tell they knew what they were doing.  They provided us with several referrals & addresses to see their work.  We were really pleased with what we saw & we even spoke with one of the customer who was washing his car in his driveway when we went to see his driveway.  He was beaming with pride & rightfully so.  The job had been done 8 months earlier & it looked great!  They were not the cheapest quote we got but not the most expensive either.  They were the ones we felt we could trust the most so we gave them the job.  I wanted a very specific design & they were very patient with me & took the time to make sure they understood exactly what I wanted.  They started right away & finished the whole job in 10 days.  Except for a few days, Walter was on site himself supervising the work.  It was a bit nerve racking as it was a big investment for us & we wanted to make sure it came out great.  Because of the design we chose & that are driveway & walkways were not straight & flat there were a lot of unusual cuts that needed to be made.  It needed a good eye, a steady hand & a good artistic sense.  It could have easily turned into a catastrophe.  But the workers were patient & allowed my husband to be involved in the areas that were a bit more tricky.  They made sure the cuts were made to his satisfaction.  We also had a hard time deciding what kind of sand we were going to use.  Walter was patient & flexible.  The only thing we were not quite happy with is that they did not use a protective pad between the metal plate of the machine & the pavers when they packed down the pavers.  That left noticeable marks on some of the pavers.  The marks are gradually dissipating but are still visible.  When we  researched it after the fact we found out that it could have been prevented by them using a protective pad.  Despite that, I could not give them less then 5 stars as they did a fantastic job, they are very service oriented & responsive.  We would definitely hire them again & highly recommend them.  It was a big investment for us but we love it & we do not regret it one bit.  Thanks to Walter & Teresa of Seattle Driveway & Patio!"
Marie-Joe, Kent WA

"Last year, we had Seattle Driveway and Patio come out and give us an estimate for our fairly large driveway and walkway in Kirkland. We had an oversized large maple tree that was destroying our driveway. They gave us a very reasonable price and we were absolutely thrilled with the result! We even had a couple of changes we suggested mid-way through the job and they were able to accommodate us. The workers always arrived on time, and when they couldn't work because of rain, I received an email about when they would be back, usually the next day. They are very professional and did a fantastic job. Our driveway was the talk of the neighborhood!  This year, we had them back out to add a side walkway and backyard patio with steps to an outbuilding. Again, we are so happy to have what was once a dirt and stump filled mess turn into a beautiful, usable space. They took out several dump trucks full of dirt, a huge stump and chiseled away at an immovable boulder to create a level space. We hired them twice over the past two years and I think that speaks volumes. There are not too many companies or contractors that I would hire a second time. It's hard to find decent companies with honest workers and I have to say that this is one company we are happy to support!"
Jodie M, Kirkland WA

"Teresa, Walter and their team were fabulous to work with, and did a fantastic job on our patio!  They were incredibly efficient, pleasant, professional, and reasonably priced to boot.  I was really impressed with the whole process - and we absolutely love our new patio!  I would definitely use them again if we have any paving needs.  :) "
Laura T., Seattle WA

"I am a pretty picky person when it comes to the quality of work I expect.  I am an experienced re-modeler and primarily I do remodeling projects myself and when I do hire contractors I hold them to the same high standards that I hold for myself.  Several past contractors have failed to meet my bar.  Seattle driveway and patio however did an excellent job.  They came and removed an existing poured cement slab, resurfaced the area, prepped it for pavers, and placed 340 square feet of interlocking pavers.  Their prep work was top notch and exactly as I would have done myself with no cutting corners.  During layout I had one issue with how they had sloped part of the patio to accommodate an existing shed.  The crew was responsive, immediately understood what I wanted instead, and quickly set to work making the change.  No fuss no muss.  Would hire again and would recommend."
Brian C., Seattle WA

"Teresa, Walter and crew were amazing. They communicated often, gave us a fair bid and stuck with it. We had them do permeable pavers to create a backyard patio, and well, several months later we are STILL so happy with their work. They were prompt, diligent, polite and easy to deal with. We are hoping to hire them again for our next project."
Diana K, Seattle WA

"We could not be more thrilled with how our driveway turned out! Teresa, Walter, and team were amazing!  Short version:  Do not hesitate to utilize their services! You will NOT be disappointed!  Long version:  Our home was built in the 1920's, and the driveway to the garage was SUPER steep. We drive a low to the ground electric car, so we really needed to be able to get into the garage in order to park the car.   My engineer-amazing husband calculated a way to slightly curve the driveway and used spray paint to indicate what the path of the driveway needed to be. They happily took on the challenge! The got rid of all the cracked old concrete, laid a great foundation, and then got to work with the pavers. They managed to make our driveway not only beautiful, but also functional!!!   We also had a drain issue which they helped us to resolve to ensure that our garage does not get any water inside it. They were quick to respond, professional, friendly, and most importantly, did FANTASTIC work.   THANK YOU! Highly recommend to anyone looking to add a little more pop (or functionality!) to their driveways, walkways, or patios."
Mandy M.,  Seattle WA

"Outstanding! Couldn't be more pleased with our new walkway and driveway. Thank you Walter, Teresa and crew! Everything was as promised, when promised. Clean, professional and thorough. We live on a very step hill and they installed drainage and a dry well and laid a pipe under for our lighting cords. Absolutely amazing.   Totally stoked."
Chris C.,  Seattle WA

"Very responsive and professional small company.  Walter and Teresa followed up with us every step of the way, made adjustments to the work in progress at our request, and the crew left our driveway MUCH cleaner than it was when they arrived.  The pavers look fantastic and the hidden concrete edging is a nice touch.  I also want to mention that SD&P were willing to use a product outside of their catalog to better match the pavers we already had in place. My only suggestion, as with all contractors, is that you-- the consumer-- stay involved, check materials when they are delivered, and ask questions.  If you stay on top of it, you will be very satisfied with the results!"
Julia R.,  Seattle WA

"Our drive way is truly amazing. They where very professional, fast and did everything they said they would do. It transformed the look of our house. I highly recommend them you won't be disappointed."
Amber S., Bellevue WA

"I've always had bad experiences when it comes to landscapers or any exterior home improvement companies.  I have been shafted before with shady landscaping companies over-promising and under-delivering (scam artists, I call them).  So after obtaining about a dozen bids on building a patio and sidewalk,  the very last company I contacted was Seattle Driveway & Patio.  Theresa and Walter came out the same day to assess our needs and gave us a quote, right then and there!  They were well prepared for our questions and provided a list of references we could call.  Their quote was very competitive and with a clean record on BBB, I decided to give them the green light.  Every day for 8 days, the same 4-5 man crew lead by Walter, came at 8 am or earlier without fail.  I made a special request that they do not walk on the grass as it was new sod and they were very good at following that request.  Everyday, I watched the progress of their work, from excavating, installing the base gravel and sand, to cutting and laying the pavers.  Did I mention that the pavers come with a 25 year warranty from breaking and cracking?  The end result of their work - AMAZING, probably the nicest patio in the neighborhood, bar none!   I wholeheartedly recommend Seattle Driveway & Patio for your next patio, driveway or any other paver project; they deliver as promised and impressed me with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.  If you have any questions, please send me a private message and I will be more than happy to share further details."
Ken L.,  Renton WA

"I was blown away by Walter and Teresa.
Not only did they return my call the same day, they were at my house for an estimate the next day. I had a huge, cracked concrete driveway that was poured and repaired over and over since the house was built in 1901. It was a big job and tough working conditions right in the heart of Capitol Hill. That means no street parking, traffic, limited space to store tools and materials and worst of all, it was accessible only by a long narrow side driveway. So how did they handle it? No problem. Walter had his crew break up the old concrete the old fashioned way - by hand. He somehow arranged for a dump truck of just the right size to get up the driveway. Within days the rubble was cleared, new sand was leveled, and gorgeous pavers in place. All this in just one week. And like the other reviewer noted, the same crew of guys arrived each day on time at 8am. I am very happy with the pavers. They have transformed a place for our cars into a very attractive party patio and driveway. In the city, you use every bit of space you can get. Neighbors love it, my wife is thrilled and friends can not believe the transformation. The pavers have added significant value to the house. I wish I had done it years ago. You can find a discount through Angies List and they run specials. Of course, they are a new business so they are working extra hard and giving deals now to build business. Once everyone knows about SDP, the prices will go up to support the quality work that they do.If you want to see for yourself how pavers can look, have them show you my drive and walkway any time."
Mike K.,  Seattle WA

"I would be happy to allow my patio pictures to be used by your company in referring potential customers.  Also, you may call me and schedule potential customers to view your work.  I was/am pleased with the final product; the patio is very useable and presentable again. 
Barry M.,  Mercer Island WA

"We love our garden and bluestone patio. We are glad we used you for a quality finished product. Regards,"
Dwight R.,  Enumclaw WA

"We are extremely pleased with our new paver patio. It has made a world of difference in our backyard and has added immensely to our outdoor enjoyment this summer.Our experience working with Teresa and Walter was very professional and progressed smoothly from start to finish. They came out to our house quickly and provided a written estimate and were helpful to me in deciding which one of the many paver products and colors would suit our purposes. Their team arrived promptly the morning of the first day of work and every day until the patio was completed. My husband and I plan to have Seattle Driveway and Patio install our front courtyard patio next Spring.  We highly recommend SDP and Teresa and Walter to everyone who wants a quality product at a fair price with helpful and professional service. Thank you!"
Cris & Jim C.,  Kirkland WA

"We liked that you specialized in the design and installation of stone/pavers etc. as well as being competitive on your bid.We are extremely pleased with the outcome, the solutions for some of the tricky details (septic cover, drains etc.) and the overall look of the job.If someone was not sure to go with you, I would mention the quality of work, attention to detail and efficiency you provided on our job.Thanks."
J. Gallagher,  Redmond WA

"Exceptional quality, customer service, and workmanship. I highly recommend Seattle Driveway & Patio for this type of work. Extremely high praise."
Alan F.,  Redmond WA

"Seattle Driveway & Patio showed up on-time, their work was timely and thorough. The service was perfect"
Eric T.,  Seattle WA

"Seattle Driveway & Patio are hard working people. The part I am most impressed is their dedication to make sure that their customers are satisfied. Although we had some misunderstandings on some part of the project, Teresa (the owner) corrected them quickly and did a great job in coordinating resources to get everything done. The patio was nicely done and it looks great."
Neighbor,  Issaquah WA

"Her son and a friend installed a small strip of sod for our condo association. We would use them again but would want to be there when they did the work."
Neighbor,  Lynnwood WA

"Professional and efficient-our project was completed extremely fast and to the highest quality"
Neighbor,  Edmonds WA

"Friendly, responsive, experienced, family-owned small business. I enjoyed working with them and I love my brick patio. It is exactly what I had envisioned. Thank you, Seattle Driveway and Patio!"
Neighbor,  Shoreline WA

"Love the job! I've already referred you guys to a friend. Looking forward to seeing the pavers with the sealer on them. I appreciate all the work your guys did to make it look so good. Thx! Mike"
Mike,  Seattle WA

"Everyone at Seattle Driveway & Patio was great. They were prompt with their estimate, began the work exactly when they said they would, finished faster than we'd hoped. We love our patio, it came out just as we wanted it. I would definitely recommend Seattle Driveway and patio."
Neighbor,  Seattle WA

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Jerry S. in Everett WA - Loyal Customer :)
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Siamik P. in Redmond WA
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Ryan D. in Sammamish WA
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