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Benefits of Sealing Pavers
Seattle Driveway & Patio-Paver Sealer, paver maintenance.

Seattle Driveway & Patio-Paver Sealer, Benifits of sealing pavers.

The best thing you can do to maintain your pavers is to seal them properly. Installing pavers is an investment in your property. Protect that investment by sealing your pavers.  This will help prevent wear and tear and staining and will keep colors fresh.  Sealing your pavers enhances the color of pavers and in many cases the change can be quite a dramatic improvement. Sealed pavers are more resistant to undesired stains such as oil, food and drink spills, protects the paver colors from fading from the sunlight, enhances color, helps repel water damage, prevents the effects of snow and ice, strengthens pavement, helps retain paver flexibility, can withstand harsh weather condition, reduces paver loosening and cracks, restricts weed, grass growth, helps prevent efflorescence and prevents loss of sand in joints. 

Paver Sealing Process
Re-sealing begins with cleaning.  Pressure washing starts the cleaning process.  This should remove most stains, dirt and old sealer.
If pressure washing has dislodged much of the sand in the joints between pavers, polymeric joint sand will be applied. This keeps the pavers from shifting.
Depending on the weather, the pavers may have dried enough to seal the following day.  The sealer will harden enough in a few hours for pedestrian traffic, but cars should not drive on newly sealed pavers for at least 24 hours.

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